New Books available:

THE CONGREGATION, THE CLUB AND THE CHURCH by Santosh Poonen (paperback – 32 pages)

Single copy – $4 (Inclusive of shipping charges); Pack of 10  – $24 (Inclusive of shipping charges)

GOD’S WORK DONE IN GOD’S WAY by Zac Poonen (hardcover – 154 pages)

Single copy – $10 (inclusive of shipping charges)

To order books or CDs, please email RavensMinistry@gmail.com or call Benoy James at (512) 412-1452. Please clearly list the items you would like us to ship to you. Note, you can download most of the audio messages as MP3s for free from CFC India.

All available messages and books are visible at the following links:

Most books cost $4, except for the following:

Final Triumph $10
Day of Small Beginnings $10
Beauty for Ashes $6
Knowing God’s Ways $6
New Wine in New Wineskins $6
Sex, Love, and Marriage $6
The Full Gospel $6
Through the Bible $45
Hear O My Sons $10
God’s Work Done in God’s Way $10

The following tracts come in sets of 10 for $6:

  • Amazing Facts
  • The Real Truth
  • Fifty Marks of Godly Men
  • Fifty Marks of Pharisees

All costs already include shipping and handling. Please make checks payable to Ravens Ministry and send them via mail to:
16804 Tortoise St., Round Rock, TX 78664

You can also pay via Paypal using Ravensministry@gmail.com. Please make sure to choose the option “Paying for a item or service” and include the Paypal fees (2.9% +$.30 per transaction)

*MP3 CDs can be played on MP3 CD players or computers, but will not work on regular CD players (look for an “MP3” logo on your player to verify).